Optifold Double Eyelid Forming Tapes



Perfect for uneven eyelids or upper eyelids with multiple creases

How To Use

Use while sleeping between 6-8 hours per night.

Extend the eyelid skin by raising the chin & eyebrows, then looking down.

Apply f-tape (fold shape tape)

For basic Asian crescent double eyelids, do not leave any gaps between the  f-tape and lash line.

For other eyelid profiles, including those with multiple creases on the 'good' eye, gaps between the f-tape and lash line is necessary.

If unsure, please purchase our consultation service.

Contour the skin to the f-tape

Rub the skin upwards in an arch with a sweeping motion.  This allows the skin to fully stretch and contour to the curves of the f-tape.  Be precise.

Apply n-tape

Use the n-tape to compress the crease. With your support hand, press down on your eyebrow then lower the n-tape legs to adhere to the lower eyelids.

You'll feel a stretching sensation on the upper eyelid. This is normal. Remember, surgery is way more uncomfortable.

Morning routine

Remove the n-tape, wait 1-2 hours, then remove the f-tape. Avoid squinting and looking downwards.

Understand the relationship that while the crease is starting to develop, the more puffy and wet the eyelid skin is, the harder it is for the crease to be etched into the skin's memory. DO NOT RUB THE EYELIDS.

Do the recommended eyelid crease exercises. If unsure, please purchase our consultation service.

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