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After Ray's child modeling gig, he really wanted to have double eyelids.

From age 11 to 20, he self-experimented using a 'version 1'  f-tape, while documenting effective eyelid exercises, and common stressors which we now inform  that prematurely weakens the developing double eyelids.

Boy meets girl... and they date for a year. As Emma's student visa was about to expire, thus she must return to South Korea, Ray needed to find a way to keep the relationship going. He asks Emma if he can experiment on her uneven eyelid to fix it.

Using the idea from the 'holding the line' eyelid exercise, Ray invents the n-tape and trials it with Emma. On the first day, she had all-day results! This is much faster than using just the 'version 1' f-tape alone when Ray was a teenager!

The results were promising. In 5 months, Emma's double eyelid became permanent... so off to South Korea they went! Over the years, it is concluded that permanent results occurred readily when only one eye was a single eyelid.


While in South Korea to save up for their patent, Emma and Ray teaches English and works with eyelid testers. Before coming back to Canada, the couple marries and become not only work-partners for life, but life-partners for life!

The newly married couple's most meaningful achievement to date, must have been competing and being among the top 4 startups in the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine's HealthEDGE Challenge for Medical Devices Competition.

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