Is Opti-fold for me?
Ask us!  We'll help you answer that   :)

Answer these questions if you have SINGLE EYELIDS:

1.  Do your single eyelids sometimes momentarily turn to double eyelids?  If so, what do you think made it happen and how long did the temporary double eyelid last?

2.  Have you used regular eyelid tape/glue before?  If so, how long did you use them and what were the effects after you removed the regular tape/glue?

3.  How would having double eyelids impact your life?


4.  How did you find out about Opti-fold?

Answer these questions if you have UNEVEN EYELIDS:

1.  When did you begin having uneven eyelids?

2.  What was the cause of the uneven eyelids?

3.  Do your eyelids sometimes become more uneven than usual?  If so, what do you think is the cause?

4.  Are there any temporary remedies that you are currently doing to make them less uneven?

5.  In what ways do having uneven eyelids affect your daily experience of life?

6.  How did you find out about Opti-fold?

To determine your tape size, please email us your EYELID PROFILE VIDEO along with the answers to the above questionnaire.

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