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Ray Tang


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Emma Jo

Product Designer

We have always thought of beauty as something more than the trend-matching conformity of mere accessorization. It comes from being more authentic, from being more yourself ― from not looking the best, but from looking your best. Ultimately, being beautiful is the look of radiant happiness from the uninhibited expression of your true self.


​We think there is a profound and enduring personal growth in understanding the dedication of long-term choices, which creates beauty for oneself. True beauty is something more than just the absence of imperfections; it's about the look from being complete while living effortlessly natural.

Our early R&D days


the Opti-fold Story!

As a child model, Ray experiments with eyelid exercises to make double eyelids.

Architecture teaches Ray to design, invent, and
craft intricate, functional objects by hand.

With knowledge from eyelid exercises,  an eyelid bandage is designed and experimented on Emma.

Other people of various ethnic backgrounds try out the bandages and love the results!

The eyelid bandage wins a medical device award at

the University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine.