Opti-fold is an  eyelid crease  training tape used for making double eyelids, or fixing uneven or saggy eyelids.  If your upper eyelid show signs of lax skin and you don't have an eyelid muscle problems, be sure to contact us!





The thinnest skin on the human body are your eyelids. So, although it could be years since it has been showing signs of appearing loose, as soon as the dominant skin tension line (ideal eyelid crease) is reinforced, the skin will begin conforming.

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Wear Opti-fold

while sleeping.

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Do Eyelid


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Let your eyes

shine during the day.

How We Work

1. Purchase Opti-fold.

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To stimulate the skin to fold, we use individually sized tape members called the fTape (fold-shape tape) to target the area of upper eyelid skin that is natural to creasing.  Then we compress the crease with the nTape, and as the nTape toes are adhered to the lower eyelid (3), it transfers additional stimulation to the desired eyelid crease.

Lower nTape legs
Multiple guidelines
Left and right eye specific fTapes
Custom tailored fTape sizes
Ribbed edge technology
nTape upper body
Non-adhesive midsection

How long do I use Opti-fold?

Experience stronger eyelid creases all day in just 1-2 months


How long do I use Opti-fold?

Experience stronger eyelid creases all day in just 1-2 months


Sagging skin,

Double eyelids.

6 months


Uneven eyelids, Multiple creases.

10 months


Single eyelids,

Excess skin.

15 months

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Multiple guidelines to aid in modificatons to precisely match your ideal crease line.