​​ Discovery  - In this stage you experiment how close to apply the fTape in relation to the nose.  A little too far, or a little too close will affect the results.  Experiment the angle at which the 'tail end' or the 'head of the fTape' should be placed.  Since the bridge of the nose is high for Occidental eyelids, it is sometimes necessary to apply the fTape closer to the nose or slightly angling it upwards.  Using scissors, experiment with shaping the fTape to better match the ideal eyelid crease.

Duration of stage:  September 1, 2018 - October 23, 2018  (1 month, 23 days)


On Laura's first day, her ideal crease lasted 8 hours and was able to survive a hot yoga session.  On the rare occasion, her ideal crease would last an average of 10 hours, but throughout the majority of this stage, her crease failed rather quickly with the cause of it being unknown to her at that time.


There were many reasons that caused her crease to fail early on.  During these early stages, Laura was only beginning to be familiar with the intimate details of her eyelid skin.  Modifications of the fTape to fit her eyelid better was slowly evolving,  the whole regimen of doing eyelid exercises was only beginning to be a part of her daily routine, and since the ideal crease was young, adverse daily life-situations like doing hot yoga, squinting, and using her mobile device in the morning presented a significant challenge for her ideal crease to form. It was important that she kept her visual gaze above eye-level. Doing that would ensure the crease remain folded since the eyes are opened more fully. In contrast, she had to restrain from using items or doing things that required her visual gaze to be below eye-level, such as using the computer or phone, sweeping the floor, or reading a book on her lap.

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Aug 14 - Sep 3  (21 days)

  • 8 hours crease time.

  • Ideal crease survives hot yoga.

  • Begins doing tracing and holding eyelid exercises.

  • Eyelid Advisor explains what happens when the crease gets weak.

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Sep 4 - Sep 9  (6 days)

  • Crease fails immediately.

  • 20 minutes crease time.

  • 10 minutes crease time.

  • Lack of sleep.

  • Experiments with applying fTape closer to the nose.

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Sep 10 - Sep 20  (11 days)

  • 15 minutes crease time.

  • Applying fTape closer to the nose helps.

  • Crease struggles in the first hour before flipping back.

  • Contemplates on having a good start, but now crease is failing.

  • 2 day rest from Opti-fold.

  • 20 minute crease time.

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Sep 21 - Sep 29  (9 days)

  • 3 hours crease time.

  • 2 hours crease time.

  • Understanding her individual eyelid profile better.

  • Recognizes the patterns of daily conditions that weakens her crease.

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Sep 30 - Oct 12  (13 days)

  • Starts to have doubts about progress.

  • Gradual effects happen with constant tape stimulation.

  • Decides to use regular eyelid day tape.

  • Experiments with trimming down the fTape's top arch.

  • 13 hours crease time despite doing hot yoga later in the day.

  • 11 hours crease time due to headrest pillow on massage table.

  • 3 hours crease time.

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Oct 13 - Oct 25  (13 days)

  • 8 hours crease time.

  • 12 hours crease time.

  • 1 hour crease time.

  • Crease fails quickly again.

  • Uses new fTapes which are longer and has less of an arch.

  • 12 hours crease time.

  • Appreciates Eyelid Advisor work.

  • 16 hours crease time.

  • 4 hours crease time.

  • Learns squinting eyes makes the crease fail.

  • Crease fails into a 'hooded' look.


Never Give up

Eyelid Advisor

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