Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long do I have to use Opti-fold treatment to make permanent creases?

It depends on the type of eyelid concern you have. For example, making a crease will take longer than restoring a crease. It also depends on the type of skin and eyelid profile you have. More details here.

If you are currently using the Opti-fold treatment, here is an 'expectations' guideline to give you a general sense of your stage in progress:

Expectations Guideline here.

11. How can I find out if Opti-fold treatment is right for me?

To find out, please submit your eyelid profile video to

12. How do I figure out my Opti-fold tape size?

There are two ways to select your tape size: 1. Compare your eyelid profile with these examples: [ Size 2 ], [ Size 3 ], [ Size 4 ], [ Size 5 ], [ Size 6 ], [ Size 7 ]. 2. Email your eyelid profile video so we can suggest a tape size for you.

13. What if the tape size is not right for me?

When you are suggested a tape size by our Eyelid Advisors, the tape will cover a range of 3 other sizes. Start by trimming the fTape along the next smallest size. To make sure the issue is indeed due to sizing and not from an imporper tape application technique, please contact your Eyelid Advisor. More details here.

3. Will Opti-fold treatment make my eyelid saggy?

Fig 1. Regular eyelid tapes will cause the skin to sag, because during the removal process, they cause a pinching action. As the skin is pulled to reach a peak, it will 'snap' back and the recoil will cause a ripple of multiple micro-creases to temporarily form. The skin should eventually go back to it's original configuration. The speed at which this happens depends on your skin's elasticity, which in turn is based on your age, genetics, hormones and exposure to the elements such as UV rays. Fig 2. Opti-fold treatment will not cause the skin to sag, because during the removal process, the Opti-fold tapes will not cause a pinching action. What does happen is a flicking action, because the fTape extends all the way down to the eyelid margin where the upper eyelashes are located. The eyelid margin is not tethered down and is allowed to move in the same direction of the fTape as it is removed. So, after the Opti-fold tapes are removed, the skin flaps back into place with no recoiling effect.

8. Will Opti-fold treatment cause any skin problems?

If you have tried other eyelid tapes and your skin can handle the removal of medical tape, then Opti-fold treatment will not cause any skin problems. In contrast, if you have tried other eyelid tapes and the removal of said tapes causes redness in your eyelids, then please consult with your doctor before using Opti-fold treatment.

16. I am a student, is there a way I can get a discount?

Promo 1: Return clients can get up to 25% off their next purchase when they publicly recommend the “Uneven Eyelids Facebook Page”. The more details in the recommendation, which may also include updates as the eyelid crease progresses, the bigger the discount.

17. How long does it take for my order to be made?

Opti-fold treatment is available on a first-come, first-served basis, and are shipped out around 5 working days after the date of purchase. Always order ahead of time before your supply runs out. We are not open on weekends.

7. Is the residual glue the cause of my ideal crease to form?

No, the residual glue will assist the crease during the morning when the skin is most swollen after waking up, but if you were to try on an improper Opti-fold tape size, no amount of residual glue will help make the ideal crease grow in strength, since the skin tension line being targeted is not in harmony with your eyelid profile. Once your ideal crease can last 6 hours or more, then you can experiment with wiping off the glue in the morning and performing the eyelid exercises immediately. Anything under 6 hours means the ideal crease is still delicate and you must not interfere with the skin's normal wrinkle forming process.

9. Is there a way to make my ideal crease reach full strength faster?

Yes, there are two ways. Firstly, make sure every morning you do the eyelid tracing exercise and then holding the crease line exercise. Failing to do these will result in a slower progressing ideal crease. Eyelid Exercises Instructions here. Secondly, make sure you minimize the amount of eyelid skin swelling and avoid looking below eye-level (using your mobile phone or the computer) during the mornings while the skin settles down. More details on minimizing puffy skin here.

15. What materials are the Opti-fold tapes made from?

The Opti-fold tapes are made from 3M 1527 surgical tape, which has no silicone in it, and is hypoallergenic. More details here.

14. Is there a way to make the Opti-fold tapes less sticky?

To make the Opti-fold tapes less sticky, do the following:

Apply the tapes to your clean hand. Remove the tapes then apply to your eyelid. With everytime you apply and remove the tapes, the adhesive becomes less sticky.

2. If I stop using Opti-fold treatment temporarily, will my skin completely regress?

Once you've gone to the point where the ideal crease can last 8 hours or more, then even if you take a 1 month break, the skin will still have memory of where the ideal crease should be, and you will be able to reach 8 hours of crease time faster than when you had first started.

6. Am I allowed to wash off the residual glue if I want to get permanent results?

If your ideal crease can not sustain for a minimum of 6 hours, and you are wiping off the residual glue before the skin can learn to fold, then it means the ideal crease is still delicate. In this case, you must not interfere with the ideal crease by washing off the residual glue. Be patient and wait until the crease can sustain for a minimum of 6 hours before attempting to wash the skin in the morning. If the skin's stickiness is uncomfortable, then use skin lotion to nullify the glue's adhesive properties.

10. How do I know when I can wean off from using Opti-fold treatment?

Your first goal is to achieve a minimum of 10 hours of crease-time, 90% of the time, in a span of 30 days. Once your ideal crease can do that, then perform the 1-hour nap test where you take a nap for 1 hour and upon waking, perform the eyelid exercises and see if the crease can survive. If it can, then try the 2-hour nap test, then the 3-hour nap test. If your crease can pass those tests easily, then try going without using tapes for a full night.

4. Are there any instructions on how to use Opti-fold treatment?

Yes, we have a complete step-by-step guide.

More details here.

5. How do I perform the eyelid exercises for more consistent results?

Here are instructions on how to perform the eyelid exercises...

More details here.

18. How much is shipping and how long does it take to arrive?

Australia - Airmail ($12, 2-6 weeks), Express ($80, 5-10 days)
Canada - Express ($13, 5-10 days)
China - Airmail ($12, 2-6 weeks), Express ($80, 5-10 days) France - Airmail ($12, 2-6 weeks), Express ($80, 5-10 days) Japan - Airmail ($12, 2-6 weeks), Express ($80, 5-10 days) New Zealand - Airmail ($12, 2-6 weeks), Express ($80, 5-10 days) Singapore - Airmail ($12, 2-6 weeks), Express ($80, 5-10 days) South Korea - Express ($15, 7-12 days) United Kingdom - Airmail ($12, 2-6 weeks), Express ($80, 5-10 days) USA - Airmail ($12, 2-6 weeks), Express ($60, 5-10 days) Other - Airmail ($12, 2-6 weeks), Express ($80, 5-10 days), Other - Premium DHL Express Worldwide ($100, 1-week guaranteed, no COVID-19 delays)
The shipping company does not provide any tracking numbers for Airmail parcels. In the unfortunate situation that parcels are lost by the shipping company, no refunds are provided. For the most reliable shipping service, please use Express shipping. The shipping company provides a tracking number and if parcels are lost, refunds are provided.

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