How to Apply Opti-fold

The Complete Step-by-Step Guide

6 Important Tips

After you are recommended a tape size, fine tune the tape to effectively match your eyelid profile.  Consult with your Eyelid Advisor for assistance.

For stronger eyelid creases, having a full night of sleep, 6-8 hours, will minimize puffy eyelids in the morning and setback fatigue later in the evening.  [Details to reduce puffy skin]

If you are noticing the eyelid crease is not getting stronger, contact your Eyelid Advisor to begin our convenient 1-on-1 video consultation.

Apply lotion and perform eyelid exercises whenever your eyelid crease becomes weak due to puffy skin in the morning and in the evening when you are tired.

Do not rub the eyes, even to wash out any residual adhesive, until your ideal crease can last a minimum of 6 hours.  Anything under 6 hours means the crease is still delicate.

While the skin is settling in the morning, do not use any gadgets to avoid having your visual gaze be below eye-level.  Looking above eye-level ensures the crease remains folded.

Eyelid Exercises

Tracing & Holding the Crease Line


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We learned this was why making double eyelids is possible!

Eyelid Advisor

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Attach the nTape legs low enough so that you feel a stretching sensation.