Can’t emphasize enough on how well Opti-fold’s service is

Can’t emphasize enough on how well Opti-fold’s service is. The founder of Opti-fold, Ray, messages you personally and checks on your progress so you don’t have to worry about facing issues with the tapes alone.

Used to have nicely folded eyelids when I was younger (like IU’s eyes), but after developing the habit of rubbing my eyes for the last 10 years, my double eyelids gradually turned into triple folds. Every time I look into the mirror, it’s always the same tired looking pair of eyes staring back at me.

When I first chanced upon Opti-fold while hunting for solutions, I realized Opti-fold was for those with single eyelids and uneven eyelids. But seeing how the tape works reminded me of how I used to cut double-sided tape into small 1mm pieces and paste onto my eyelids every morning, so I could see my eyelids folding properly like it used to. However the tapes I made didn’t stay, and my eyelids folds never lasted longer than an hour as the eyelid crease I created with my own tape wasn’t deep enough (I only pasted them for approx. 30 mins)

Opti-fold tapes your eyelids down throughout the night, giving you a long crease time throughout the day. This really helps to save me a lot of time in the day aside from my beauty routines.

I've been using Opti-fold for 6 months and my eyelids have since then been folding properly, and they last almost throughout the day. They even survived afternoon naps :D

Looking forward to the day where I wake up with proper double eyelids without the tapes!

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