I am super happy I found Opti-fold.

I am super happy I found Opti-fold.

I have single eyelids, but for the past year or so I would wake up with double eyelids, usually on just one eye, that would disappear after a short while. Wanting it to be more consistent without the invasive surgery, I started googling and stumbled upon Opti-fold.

The owner of Opti-fold, Ray, and I started e-mailing back and forth, and he has been super helpful and has followed me up very closely with great guidance and helpful tips.

When using Opti-fold, perseverance is key! It takes a couple of weeks for the eyelids to become stable, and even then I often lose the double eyelids by the end of the day. Sometimes it can be discouraging when the double eyelids last way shorter than they did the day before, but just keep using the tapes. You have to experiment with the placement, and figure out what works for you. Ray is of course very supportive with this.

In the end, though, you will be able to see that the double eyelids are becoming more and more stable, slowly but surely. I've gotten great compliments and I feel greater about myself than ever. Although I still have not reached the permanent stage yet, I am still determined to continue using Opti-fold, thanks to the effective, non-invasive methods, and the great support that Ray has given me.

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