I have been using this product for about 1.5 months now

I have been using this product for about 1.5 months now. My eyelids are Asian but I have always had parallel eyelids with triple folds on both eyes, making one eye seem bigger and one eye more droopy and small looking. I found Opti-fold through looking online about using tape to make your eyelids more even. I was scared of causing my eyes to “sag” or wrinkle. The first couple of times I used it was getting results almost instantly and even took a nap with my new crease holding up. However after the 4th time or so my crease weren’t holding up as well and we realized I needed a new tape size. The exchange process was fast and easy. Fast forward to 1.5 months later my right eye crease is holding up strong and I feel like within 6 months I can stop using the right side. My left eye is a bit more work but I can see it making the same process as my right eye.

The staff overall was knowledgeable, able to provide answers and worked together with me to find a solution if I experienced any problems. Replies are generally fast and prompt. The staff really wants to help you and is genuinely excited to show you the progress you’ve made plus how well the products works for you.

Really happy with results so far and the experience of everything! Would highly recommend this to anyone looking to try something to help their eyes before undergoing surgery!

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