I originally had double eyelids but due to stress, allergies, and constantly rubbing my right eye...

I originally had double eyelids but due to stress, allergies, and constantly rubbing my right eye, I developed a so-called "triple eyelid". This condition usually lasted at most several weeks and my eyelid would return back to normal however, this time it lasted more than six months and had me seriously worried if this was going to be permanent.

I had tried searching for solutions online and people only suggested unhelpful remedies like sleeping earlier or using eyelid tape. I tried using normal tape before by cutting it into a moon shaped piece, but that did not work. I was particularly afraid the normal tape would stretch my eyelid and make it sag.

After researching, I felt assured that Opti-fold's methods and tape would not stretch my eyelid skin. When I first used it, the application process took long as I wanted to get every step right. For the first day, my eyelid crease looked great. It looked like my original double eyelid. For the first week the longest the crease would stay was about a day before it returned back to a triple eyelid. Sometimes I would have trouble applying the n-tapes but after getting some advice and having more practice each day, I started to get the hang of it. My eyelid crease also maintained for around 2 days now. After my first month of using the tapes I tried going without the tapes for a few days. To my delight, my eyelid crease stayed for those few days. Up till now my eyelid crease has returned to its normal state for nearly 2 weeks now.

The feeling of not having to worry about going out and be conscious of my uneven eyelid is a great feeling. During those months when I had my uneven eyelid I really had low self esteem and felt afraid that it was going to be permanent. Now I don't have to worry at all!

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