I’ve always had a very thin crease on one of my eyes when I was young

I’ve always had a very thin crease on one of my eyes when I was young. I wanted a thicker and more defined creases on both of my eyes, so I started using the generic eyelid glue and tapes I found at cosmetic stores. While the glue and tape helped me create the new thicker creases, they were not defined at all and went away after I remove the glue/tape for the day. I became frustrated with my unstable creases and almost gave up. Out of desperation, I started looking for any methods that are non-surgical and non-invasive online. Luckily, I came across Opti-fold. I began the Opti-fold journey about one month and a half ago and I could not have been any satisfied and happy with the result. My left crease became stable about a month into the program and I have not had the need to apply the tape on my left eyelid since then. Although my right crease is still unstable, Ray has been very helpful with giving me advice and tips on how to stabilize my right crease. I began this journey fully understanding that the creases will not appear in one day. It takes time and persistence to make it happen. I am so happy with the current result and I am definitely more satisfied with my new look. I cannot wait for my right crease to finally become stable!

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