I've been using this product for the past 5 months

I've been using this product for the past 5 months, and thought I'd write a review for the product! Just to set some context, I'm Asian, 19, and have single eyelids on both my eyes. I think genetically, I was meant to have double eyelids, as all members of my family are double-eyelided. I even had a period in my adolescence where I had double eyelid on one eye! Because of this, my eyes always looked droopy which made me look tired and I would subconsciously try to open my eyes wide when taking a photo. That was until I stumbled upon this product last September. I ordered size 2 tapes, which turned out to be too small for my eyes, which would make my eyes fairly small when taped close to the eyelashes (which is where they should be taped). Thus, I would tape the size-2 tapes a bit higher, which ran into another problem, that is the inability for the tape to straighten out the skin close to the eyelashes leading to double-eyelids that are prone to regression as the bottom part of the eyelid skin tries to fold back up. I ordered more tapes of different sizes. Size 4 was too big and it made an unnatural shape to my eyes. Size 3 was just right, and this is the size that I stuck with until the end of my journey. Now my eyes are double eyelids and pretty much symmetrical (not perfect, but it's hard to tell even if one looked closely). Problems I ran into during the process included not being able to tape the tapes exactly perfect to fit the exact fold of my eyelids the day before. Thus, I resorted to using a toothpick/eyelid stick to correct the differed shape of my eyes every morning (that took a lot of effort). Another problem was that even after I stopped using the tapes, there would be days (less so now) where the double-eyelid doesn't form properly when I open my eyes in the morning. This would require yet more time fixing it with a toothpick. A problem that I ran into more recently (1+ month post using tapes) was how the crease line would change shape occasionally. It's happening less and less, it's fine with my left eye, that's pretty much permanent (I hope). But with my right, when I wake up in the morning, there would sometimes be small changes to the old crease line. For instance, the crease line close towards the corner of the eye would follow another path, making my double-eyelid wider towards the end, which I think is a result of the past trial-and-errors of tapes forming many slightly different creases each night I would use them, making my fold not sure where to follow when forming the crease after 8 hours of sleep. But I think this problem will likely go away as long as I keep doing exercises everyday to strengthen my right double eyelid. I will keep you all posted! Overall, the benefits definitely outweigh the negatives, and I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who would like to have double eyelids without surgery. It works!

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