If you all are thinking about trying this, I highly suggest it.

If you all are thinking about trying this, I highly suggest it. It’s been only a week since trying this product and I can honestly say I think it is working. I have uneven eyelids and I’ve always thought one of my eyes were not as pretty as the other because my uneven eyelid created multiple creases instead of one define crease. I have been using glue for 3-4 years before trying this product out and I was even thinking about getting my double eyelid surgery in Korea to fix my uneven lids. With this product, I can definitely see that my fold is correcting and my crease feels natural and less forced than it was when I used glue everyday. Although I’m fairly new to this product, all I can say is that the product is really innovative and medically researched. I can see how wearing these tapes every night will bring permanent results. Also, another thing is that sleeping with these tapes are not bad. Their customer service is great and extremely personable and the price to pay for the tapes are not bad at all for something that actually will fix your eyes permanently..I’d say give it a go. It’s much cheaper than getting surgery lol

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