It is a big fortune that I met Opti-fold a month ago

It is a big fortune that I met Opti-fold a month ago. Before using tapes, I had double eyelids on one eye and the other one was uneven. So, every time I took pictures, the different size of the eyes made me stressed a lot. I searched a lot and finally found Opti-fold. I used tapes for a month and got very satisfying results. At the first day I used the tape, I got perfect double eyelid on right eye and it lasted all-day. It was doubtful before I use, but as time goes by it worked well and made me believed. I'm Asian and usually eat salty food. Even though I swell in the morning because of the salty food, the crease lasts all-day.

In the first week, I rubbed my eyes a lot and the crease disappeared sometimes. So, I tried not to rub the eyes to make the crease strong. After three weeks, the crease became stronger than before so it didn't disappear even though I rubbed unconsciously. After using tapes for a month, the crease lasts for 5 days for once I use the tape. So, now I don't have to use it every day. I'm going to use it for two months more to make the crease permanent. I was worried if Opti-fold makes my skin sag before I use, but it doesn't as a result. I thought it was difficult to put tapes properly at first, so I asked to Opti-fold staff how to put it well. And Ray replied very kindly and nicely every time. Also, he tried his best to find out why I don't have the crease sometimes.

I know it is hard to cut the tapes by hand, but Ray always does his best to delivery the product as soon as possible. I hope Opti-fold find investors and become a real company soon since more people can use products as reasonable price and Opti-fold staffs can focus on users to provide individualized services.

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