Oh how this has helped me, I’ll begin by saying

Oh how this has helped me… I’ll begin by saying that my left eye was double lidded but my right was mono lidded. I actually started caring during my last few years of high school (I didn’t really care about my appearance till then), and for 3 years I have used double eyelid tape on and off, but with never any permanent success. It wasn’t until my recent attempt with Opti-fold where I was able to achieve semi-permanent eyelids. This process took me roughly 2 and a half months. Ever since my first application, it was great. It wasn’t until when I felt confident about my lid that I went without it and found that it wouldn’t stay permanently. This was because I had to adjust the tape to work on a certain portion of my lid because that area resisted the change more. This process took about 2 weeks to fix, which is mind-blowingly quick considering other options and their apparent risk. The new crease isn’t perfect, but it is a far cry from what it was before. I am truly grateful for this product and how Ray was always there to provide advice and suggestions on how to proceed. It has had a tremendously positive effect on my self esteem, and if anybody is even considering this, you can stop researching because you’ve found the solution in Opti-fold.

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