One year ago, my right Asian eyelid crease disappeared

One year ago, my right Asian eyelid crease disappeared and my eyelid drooped giving me a tired look. In the past this happened maybe 2 times a year but it started to become common for the past year. I tried sleeping more and changing my diet but nothing seemed to be working. I tried searching endlessly on the web about droopy eyelid and still NOTHING helped. Finally an eyelid specialist told me about my droopy eyelid problem and told me that I had permanently lost my crease. This specialist also told me that the only way to fix it was through surgery. However, I didn't want to believe surgery was my only option so I researched ways to fix my droopy eyelid and came across Opti-fold. I watched numerous Opti-fold videos and liked what I saw so I decided to give it a try. The first time putting on the tape was confusing but Ray the owner assisted me all the way until I got it on perfectly. After putting on the Opti-fold tape for one night, my right droopy eyelid became double again and the crease formed. After putting on Opti-fold for a few more nights straight, my crease and double eyelid lasted for a few days (I didn't test to see how many days it would last without drooping again). This was one of the best investments I've ever made and I definitely will be purchasing more. Thank you Ray!!!

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