What can I say....I was looking for something to give me double eyelids.

What can I say....I was looking for something to give me double eyelids. I looked for hours, and somehow stumbled upon this Opti-fold. Decided to research more, and ended up buying it. I may sound like I have been paid to do this review, but no. This is genuinely from personal experience.

I've always had single eyelids, though my left already had a slight crease. After using Opti-fold for approximately 10-12 days for both eyes, my left became that much more stable. Right one - not yet. I am amazed with the results and best thing is, you do this at night, while you sleep. SO if you are embarrassed using eyelid tapes during the day, Opti-fold is perfect. Moving to my right one, so far it has been around 2 months, and finally....it has become that much more stable, of course it still needs some improvement but compared to 2 months ago, i am extremely pleased with the result.

So to summarize: My left one took approximately 10-12 days , but remember that my left already had a slight slight crease. Right one had no crease whatsoever, and so far 2 months in, I am very happy with the result - still needs to use Opti-fold, but it is much better than it was 2 months ago.

This is crazy. I think its safe to say that Opti-fold changed my life.

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