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Eyelid Crease Stimulation

How mechanical stress loads are exerted to the skin

The fTape keeps the eyelid stretched (1) while  covering the extended-state eyelid skin from the eyelid margin all the way to, and thus targeting, the dominant skin tension line (2).  Various sizes are available for a custom tailored fit.

The nTape's upper body grips the  upper skin (3) in preparation to be lowered.  It compresses the ideal eyelid crease (4) and it's non-adhesive midsection prevents eyelashes from sticking onto it (5).

When the nTape legs are lowered and adhered onto the lower eyelid (6), the pulling force transfers to the nTape's upper body.  This is felt by an increased stretching sensation necessary to trigger mechanotransduction pathways in the skin for gradual but long-term changes.

Eyelid Advisor

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