Purchasing guideline:


1.  Ensure your uneven eyelid is of the following type or similar variation:  Single eyelid one eye, Double eyelid other eye.  (No eyelid muscle or nerve damage).


2.  Browse the different tape sizes and select the eyelids that look most similar to yours.  Tip:  Purchasing 1 size larger allows for more flexibility.  Sometimes making a larger double eyelid is easier than a small one; it's all based on your face-shape.


3.   Strictly follow the instructions and perform the eyelid exercises mentioned hereYou will not be able to get permanent results if you do not follow the instructions.


4. Things to avoid in the beginning:


  • Rubbing the eyelid skin or soaking it with water while the crease is still developing will compromise the young double eyelid.  When the double eyelid is more mature (around the 2nd or 3rd month, or when the developing double eyelid can last 6 hours with the residual glue), then you can rub it or wash the skin, and then by just doing eyelid exercises, the double eyelid will be restored to last all-day, etc.  Making double eyelids is like letting bone heal in a cast.  If you're going to apply pressure to the bone before it is fully healed, the bone will never form properly or even at all.
  • Looking down in the morning as the skin is still puffy.  Keep your visual gaze above eye-level to assist in the skin getting used to folding.
  • Blinking the eyes forcefully will enable nearby skin tension lines to compete with your developing double eyelid.  Blink softly, quickly, and don't perform any facial gestures that deliberately makes the young double eyelids weak.

Each 4-week Opti-fold treatemnt comes with:

- 28 Left fTapes, 28 Right fTapes

- 56 nTapes


There are two ways to select your tape size:


1.  Compare your eyelid profile with these examples:

[ Size 2 ], [ Size 3 ], [ Size 4 ], [ Size 5 ], [ Size 6 ], [ Size 7 ].


2.  Email optifoldcosmetics@gmail.com your eyelid profile video so we can suggest a tape size for you.

Opti-fold treatment is available on a first-come, first-served basis, and are shipped out around 5 working days after the date of purchase.  Always order ahead of time before your supply runs out. We are not open on weekends.

for Both Eyes (4-week supply)


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    30-day money back guarantee on 4-week supply orders only. To qualify, be in correspondence with our Eyelid Advisors during the first month of tape use, and if we still can't see any progress, you may apply for a refund.


    All prices and descriptions are subject to change without prior notice.  4% online transaction fee applied to all orders.  All prices are in USD.  Videos submitted and text conversations are the property of Opti-fold and may be used for future promotion.

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