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Each 4-week Eyelid Bandages comes with:

- 28 Left fTapes, 28 Right fTapes

- 56 nTapes


*This Opti-fold early adopter stage means the product is handcrafted and packaged in a minimalist style. The above prototype box-art packaging is not included.

Opti-fold treatment is available on a first-come, first-served basis, and are shipped out around 9~16 working days (on average 12) after the date of purchase. Always order ahead of time before your supply runs out. We are not open on weekends.

for Single Eyelids (4-week supply)

  • 한국에서 옵티폴드를 주문하시는 경우, 홈페이지가 아닌 카카오톡 (아이디: optifold)을 통해 직접 연락을 주시면 더 빠른 서비스를 이용하실 수 있습니다.




    Since all our products are currently handcrafted, our refund policy is All Sales Final.



    Worldwide shipping available

    • Express, tracking (Canada) $13
    • Express, tracking (Korea) $15
    • Express, tracking (USA) $50
    • Express, tracking (World) $80
    • Airmail, no tracking, no refunds if lost parcel (World) $12


    All prices and descriptions are subject to change without prior notice.  4% online transaction fee applied to all orders.  All prices are in USD.