Out with the old, in with the new

July 3, 2017

Our first Opti-fold online presence was back in August 2013.  It was nothing more than just an information site.  We had yet to get our patent applications approved and we were still working on the research and development stage of Opti-fold.


All of our websites were made in-house, and neither co-founders had any experience building web pages.  One of the challenges was keeping in mind that more people accessed the Opti-fold page by mobile device, rather than by desktop.  This year's web page will be the first time we had mindfully made accommodations for the mobile version to be more enjoyable.


We hope Opti-fold visitors will enjoy the new feel of our to-be-launched website.  This should help in making the learning experience of double eyelid creation to be fun and easy.


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