Our patented technology: Uniquely different, but instantly familiar

July 3, 2017

Having the South Korean and Japanese patent office approve of our technology to be the first of it's kind, was a huge milestone in providing our service to the East Asian community.

Although the way we make the double eyelid crease is brand new, using eyelid tapes in East Asian countries is nothing out of the ordinary.  We went through a total of 3 variations of the "nTape" design.  One of our earlier prototypes had a single "pull-down" action, but the action was located right in the middle, and thus blocked the user's eye sight.


Our nTape design requires two "pull-down" actions, but it gives the user an unobstructed viewing area between the nTape posts.


The nTape and fTape (fold shape tape) work together to interfere with the way the skin moves when it is a single eyelid, and it also forms a crease-line that reinforces the natural location of where a double eyelid crease should be.  Other eyelid tapes do not interfere with the way the skin moves when it is a single eyelid.  So, when you remove the 'regular' tape & glue, the skin goes back to a single eyelid.  Below is one of our early info-diagrams, made back in 2013, during our R&D phase.