If You Have These Signs, You Can Make A Double Eyelid!

Do you wonder if you can make naturally forming beautiful double eyelids? As there are a few main groups of eyelid profiles, sometimes it is just easier to send in detailed pictures and a written description of your eyelid case in order for us to have enough information to work with. In this video, we continue our conversation with Connie @ Quora where we answer if one's eyelid profile is compatible with making a naturally forming double eyelid:

About Me: Hi, my name is Ray. A few years ago I began working on my double eyelid project starting with fixing my partner's generic East Asian uneven eyelids (double eyelid for one eye, single eyelid for the other). Fast forward a few years and now I've successfully treated uneven eyelids from people that span various age groups and ethnicities (testimonials: https://lnkd.in/dsxCfhR). With the knowledge I've accumulated it became evident that current information on YouTube about fixing uneven eyelids naturally are either totally wrong or incomplete. I hope my experience treating uneven eyelids and making double eyelids can be shared with these modern educational videos. If you have any questions, comment below! Ray Tang Inventor #optifold #uneveneyelids #doubleeyelids #singleeyelids #saggyeyelids #makedoubleeyelids #nosurgery

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