Natural Solution to Double Eyelid Revision Surgery?

5% of double eyelid surgeries require revision surgery. For the cases where the form of the double eyelid crease requires some shaping, which is characterized by the double eyelid being faint or shallow, what is actually needed -- rather than having another surgical procedure -- is mechanical stimulation directed at the correct skin tension line to reinforce where the skin should fold.

Revision surgery is not cheap; it is usually even more expensive than the original procedure. And since the skin has already been operated upon, the healing process may even take longer and you still run the same risks of having another imperfect procedure done. It is also worth mentioning that for people with uneven eyelids, both eyelids (left & right) are operated upon, even though only one eyelid has the problem. This is because a more natural look is attained when both eyelids go through the same type of healing process. The more surgeries done to the eyelids, the greater the risks of damaging your vision permanently. See this example of a young lady who became legally blind after a double eyelid procedure which left her now living with severe cataracts...

( ) The case example featured in this video is a man aged 25-35 who had double eyelid surgery 8 years ago. As the skin was going through the 1-year healing time frame, his left eye started to develop an inner fold. This fold technically uses up eyelid skin which means less skin is available for the main double eyelid crease, resulting in a shallow-looking double eyelid. Since skin is not folding over fully at the main crease location, the skin above the fold gets pushed up even more as the eyelid opens, which encourages the skin to behave more like dimple rather than a crease.

When using the Opti-fold tapes invented by Ray Tang, the client was able to get all-day results on the first day! During the first month, the client still needed to practice all precautions to avoid interfering with the skin learning to fold properly. The precautions includes not rubbing the eyelid even to remove any residual glue, keeping the visual gaze above eye-level in the morning which means not using any devices that makes you look downwards, and doing the eyelid exercises so that the crease can 'warm up' and begin folding for the entire day. By month 2, his crease was able to fold for about 1 week without using any tapes, and by month 3, his results were permanent.

Opti-fold is a brand new technology not known by cosmetic surgeons but it is known by the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine where the invention won a medical device award in the 2018 HealthEDGE Challenge.

If you had double eyelid surgery and your double eyelids are already showing signs of failing, there is no need for revision surgery. Contact us immediately and send a video of your eyelid for us to personally examine your case. At the moment, consultations are free so take advantage of this opportunity to fix your double eyelids naturally for a fraction of the costs of surgery and 0% of the risks! Reviews:

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