You won't believe this happened in a MONTH! -- Watch her testimonial video!!

It's starting to trend now. More and more clients are experiencing a faster progression of results, with no side effects -- and equally important -- doing it non-invasively in the comfort of their homes during lockdown.

There is nothing in exceptionally unique about her original eyelid profile which indicated she can get the results she did within a month! As you can see, her eyelids are the typical single eyelid kind.

When she flexes her eyelids, excess skin can be seen bunching up along multiple of skin tension lines:

In the beginning, understanding how wrinkles form and how the tapes work, was a learning process.

Eventually she got it right with the help of our eyelid advisors:

The more she practiced, the better she got at taking care of her developing double eyelids. It was critical that she did the eyelid exercises whenever the creases became weak. All that effort, including to let the creases gain strength by not soaking it with water in the morning, all paid off. Now, these are her new eyes:

We're so happy to share her experience as she progresses along her journey to unveil her natural beauty and strength!

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