Steady  - In this stage, eventually the ideal crease will still last all day even with minimum care to perform eyelid exercises.  2-3 hour naps can be taken and the ideal crease will still survive upon awakening.  If the ideal crease prematurely fails from crying, inadequate sleep, or puffy skin from alcohol consumption, the ideal crease will automatically be restored to full strength with less and less care to perform eyelid exercises immediately.

Duration of stage:  March 5, 2019 - August 16, 2019  (5 months, 12 days)


After fine tuning the shape of the fTape, Laura's ideal crease rarely fails in the morning now.   When the crease does get challenged, instead of completely failing, it would get weak.  As time progressed, when the crease became weak, it would actually also recover to full strength on it's own.  For her at this stage, an important eyelid exercise she still practiced was 'looking up'.  She kept her phone usage in the morning to a bare minimum.  


Throughout Laura's journey, she was essentially doing anything possible to keep the ideal crease folded all around the clock.  "The site of temporary wrinkles, from repetitive folding, predicts the site of permanent wrinkles," says Goesel Anson, MD, FACS, in her study titled Sleep Wrinkles: Facial Aging and Facial Distortion During Sleep.  Experimenting with modifying her fTape (and angling it) to match her individual eyelid profile started the momentum for her to get steady results.  We definitely think that her willingness to fix her uneven eyelids mattered, because when poor results occurred, she proactively experimented with different ways to apply the Opti-fold tapes and also checked in with her Eyelid Advisor, which enabled her to be set back on track.

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Mar 5 - Apr 12  (39 days)

  • Prototype Opti-fold fTape shape is too big. (Current tape shape adapted from prototypes)

  • Prototype Opti-fold improvements needed.

  • Wears regular day tape for the last few days.

  • Has a busy week, so for extra support, wants to wear day tapes.

  • Cannot end up wearing day tapes, but the crease still survives.

  • Prototype fTape is too floppy, but making it smaller was still effective.

  • Explains why it is necessary to apply the fTape in her own way to work best.

  • New Opti-fold tapes pre-modified based on Laura's feedback. (Current standard)

  • Ideal crease about to fail but recovers on it's own.

  • Wears day tapes for half a day, after removal, the ideal crease becomes stronger.

  • Further experiments with modifying the fTape to better fit her eyelid profile.

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Apr 13 - May 23  (41 days)

  • With Opti-fold at night, the ideal crease can last all day starting Apr 17-26.

  • Apr 27, the ideal crease fails to last all day.

  • Difficult to understand why after so long the ideal crease was strong and then fail suddenly.

  • With an active level of self-diagnostics, Laura determines she had been applying the fTape wrongly.

  • Ideal crease lasts most of the day then fails at hot yoga.

  • Ideal crease lasts most of the day then fails in the last hour or two.

  • May 4, Laura's 'difficult' eye showed a profile change that matched more her 'good' eye.

  • Laura posits the matching profile change should correlate with positive behavioural change.

  • Non-ideal crease rising up (bad) but it goes back down after 1 firm trace.

  • The crease has been good all week.

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May 29 - Jun 27  (30 days)

  • For the 'difficult' eye, secondary lines start to form.
    These lines are already present on her 'good' eye.

  • Ideal crease looks weak after having 4 hours of sleep.

  • Discuss if progress can reverse completely.

  • Starts to not use tapes on June 14.  Ideal crease forms.

  • Begins to use tapes again on June 27 due to crease failing.

  • Ideal crease lasts for 14 days without using any tapes.

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Jun 28 - Jul 24  (27 days)

  • Ideal crease lasts all day.

  • July 1, stops using tapes.  The crease starts off weak but as the skin settles, it becomes stronger.

  • To help the crease while the skin settles, Laura does the 'looking up' eyelid exercise.

  • The crease have not failed ever since she avoided looking down in the morning.

  • July 6, ideal crease fails in the morning, and so she wears day tape.

  • July 13-18, stops using tapes due to a camping trip.  The crease survives squinting and sweating.

  • July 19, ideal crease fails but possibly due to eyelid rubbing.

  • Wears tapes for 3 days in a row, then on July 22 Laura stops wearing tapes again.

  • July 24, ideal crease lasts all day without tapes being worn.

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Jul 25 - Sep 28  (2 months, 4 days)

  • Laura & the Opti-fold team understands why in her case it works when  a smaller fTape is used and angled to leave a gap between it and the eyelashes.

  • Accidentally used the phone for 10 minutes, crease fails but flips into place after blinking.

  • Intentionally uses the phone for less than 1 minute in the morning.  Crease always survives all day.

  • Aug 3, Ideal crease survives for 13 days no tapes.

  • Sept 4, ideal crease can survive through crying.

  • By Sept 26, she had not used any tapes for 42 days.  She has not worn Opti-fold since Aug 15.

  • Eyelid Advisor asks Laura to trust her crease to recover after a night of good sleep.

  • On Sept 28, wore regular day tape for 10 minutes to fully restore the ideal crease.

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Sep 30 - Feb 7  (4 months, 9 days)

  • Laura is relieved she can trust her skin to recover instead of wearing tapes.

  • By Oct 6, she has gone without wearing tapes for 52 nights in a row.

  • Laura describes how her ideal crease is the new default crease her skin selects.

  • Laura is delighted with the results and wasn't sure it would ever happen to her.

  • Oct 24, ideal crease doesn't get weak anymore with stressors (squinting, crying, looking down, etc.)

  • Nov 10, mostly everything that used to make the crease fail, now has minimum effect on the  crease.

  • To remove the residual glue, Laura used coconut oil then switched to Clinique's make up remover.

  • Laura's instruction on how to use the make up remover.

  • Feb 6 (New Year), ideal crease still going strong.  She has not worn Opti-fold since Aug 15.

  • Laura helps out with another Occidental client's case.  The other Occidental client believes in Laura'a story that it motivates her to be very diligent.  Second month results showed her hard work.

  • Laura continues her journey as a student actress and expresses gratitude for the Opti-fold team.

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