Are You Training Your Double Eyelids All Wrong?

We answer a question from Vanessa @ Quora: "What is your experience regarding “training” monolid eyes to double eyelids? I want to train them this summer & need some tips." Training double eyelids to form requires some technical know-hows. In this video I discuss in detail 3 main tips when changing your monolids to double eyelids: 1. Choose a natural-looking double eyelid size and shape. 2. Keep the skin folded even if it means you need to flex your eyelids. 3. Be patient.

YouTubers' double eyelid info not approved by medical schools

We understand for all of history up until now, pretty much every non-invasive, D.I.Y. double eyelid or uneven eyelid video on YouTube have incomplete information. The intentions were good by the original cosmetic enthusiasts, but there were many holes on the subject when they spoke. While we are providing critically specific information to help compliment the efforts others have done, we do need to warn those interested in eyelid creases to be careful when trusting information on YouTube that is not approved by a medical school. 'Reaction' vlog coming soon.

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