OMG, my Son's Crease is Ruined, now what??

There is nothing worse than having allergies and then now you also have uneven eyelids... indefinitely. What is there to do? Maybe there are other common cosmetic eyelid tape products out there to help out? Maybe that is not always the best solution. Depending on your eyelid's shape and skin type, some products will actually make things worse. However, this is the modern times and even if you accidentally ruin your eyelid crease, it can be fixed with my Double Eyelid Training Tapes. The tapes are safe for eyelid creases and won't make the skin saggy. Our unique tape shape protects the eyelid in ways other products can't. - Ray

If You Have These Signs, You Can Make A Double Eyelid!

Do you wonder if you can make naturally forming beautiful double eyelids? As there are a few main groups of eyelid profiles, sometimes it is just easier to send in detailed pictures and a written description of your eyelid case in order for us to have enough information to work with. In this video, we continue our conversation with Connie @ Quora where we answer if one's eyelid profile is compatible with making a naturally forming double eyelid: About Me: Hi, my name is Ray. A few years ago I began working on my double eyelid project starting with fixing my partner's generic East Asian uneven eyelids (double eyelid for one eye, single eyelid for the other). Fast forward a few years and

Make Your Own Tapes!

While we are all staying indoors more often due to social distancing, this is the perfect time to make your double eyelids. All you need are a few supplies from the local variety store and you're good to go! These tapes you're going to be making are a copy of a brand new invention that won awards in the 2017 iCAN Invention Competition and in the 2018 HealthEDGE Challenge for Medical Devices by the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine. Don't waste your time with other cosmetic double eyelid products such as double-sided or single-sided eyelid tapes, eyelid glue, and eyelid fibre or mesh. About Me: Hi, my name is Ray. I am the one who invented these tapes. I've been thinking

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