I was SCARED of being SCAMMED, but my Uneven Eyelids looked really WEIRD! + Eyelid Wrinkles Q&A

Hey Everyone, I start off this video with a surprise testimonial from a former client -- who in the beginning -- had to make sure I wasn't a shady character before trusting in my work. After using my invention, she was able to fix her uneven eyelids in about a year!: Now with the testimonial out of the way, I was finally able to get back into answering some Eyelid Wrinkle Q&A. Recently, there were a few questions from Quora that touched upon the sudden appearance or disappearance of an eyelid wrinkle/crease: 1. Why do I sometimes wake up with a single eyelid instead of a double eyelid? https://lnkd.in/g_276-j 2. Why all of a sudden is there an extra line on my eyelid? It appeared out of

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