Opti-fold is an  eyelid crease  training tape for making double eyelids, and fixing uneven eyelids.  If you don't have any eyelid muscle problems, contact us!





Fixes Asian-type uneven eyelids (1 eye monolid, other eye doublelid) in 6-10 months.  For other ethnicities, the results may vary.

01 - Modify fTape shape.png

Wear Opti-fold

while sleeping.

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Do Eyelid


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Let your eyes

shine during the day.

Why should you talk to our Eyelid Advisors?

1. Determine your tape size range.

2. Teach you do's and don'ts about eyelid creases.

3.  Explain to you why the majority of other products and advices for eyelids are either all wrong or incomplete.

because we can do the following:

The only eyelid tape brand that cares for your results!

The impossible is now POSSIBLE.  Learn why we were granted a medical device award!

Eyelid Advisor

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